ARES stands for AFRICA RUGGEDIZED EDUCATION SOLUTION. This tool was developed based on our united belief all children:

  • Have the power to learn
  • Are curious & creative
  • Can succeed

No two students have exactly the same skills or learning style. That’s why we help you create an individual learning plan for each student.

Power to Learn

Curiosity & Creativity


What is Ares?

ARES is a powerful off-line server that provides a “classroom in a box” for classrooms in rural areas or which have limited resources.   Using ARES, teachers and students can sit under a tree in Turkana and still have access to educational resources, pre-school to post grad.  It is an efficient, cost-effective way to deliver massive amounts of content to classrooms starved for resources.

ARES is a small server loaded with software acting like an off-line Internet for educational materials including Wikipedia, the Khan Academy lectures and videos, all 8000 TED talks, a dictionary, a thesaurus, the great Books of the World, medical and agricultural information, textbooks from kindergarten to university, and much more.

Kids need access to information – the RIGHT kind of information.  They also need to know how to utilize and apply what they have learned.  ARES delivers the goods cheaply and effectively.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  You can find out more at