Kiema Musau
May 23, 2013

It would take me a million pages to describe my experience of receiving education at Clay. However, education at Clay has really given me more than just an education of 1+1 and it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. This experience has taught me how to have a wider perception of things and what it’s like to work along with other people. Moreover, it’s only at Clay where I learned how to handle the pressure of commitment and deadlines along with social skills and socializing with many different age groups and many different people I probably wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for me having this awesome experience at Clay.

The kind of education I received at Clay was of high quality. It has enabled most of us to find it relatively easy to get admission into universities and colleges since institutions of higher learning seeks to admit students who have been well prepared through high school education. Education at Clay changed my life as it gave me a chance to receive an education, gave me more than just preparing me for the job market. It made me to be informed, connected, resilient person, able use my inherent agency to make the most of whatever I have been given.

In future, I see myself as an outstanding lecturer as my passion is knowledge. I love learning new things. I don’t want to keep it all just for myself. I have the desire to share my knowledge with high school and university students. Knowledge is power; I firmly believe that education is the key to a better life. If I am equipped with knowledge then i should go out to the world and do much good for society. With an accounting background I will be able to assist people with notary and tax issues. My greatest satisfaction will be to serve low-income earners.

At Clay, I learned a couple of lessons, one of them being accepting others and living in diversity. Most importantly I’ve learned that many people have hard lives, lives much harder than mine. There are people who haven’t received the gifts I’ve received. I’ve learned that everyone is different. And this is beautiful. And this has led to compassion for other humans.


Kiema is currently a teacher and will be starting his Master’s Degree program in September 2018.