Kiondos of Hope

A kiondo is a hand-crafted Kenyan basket. Traditionally, a Kenyan mother would craft a kiondo for her daughter upon marriage. But when Tembo Trading came into Ngomano, Kenya, this cultural art form was dying, only practiced by older women.


We started with the women in Ngomano, Kenya, the site of our pilot project. This was the first economic development project in the village. It started with only three women making the baskets, and now, there are over 110 women of all ages, weaving kiondos throughout Kenya. They named their business Kiondos of Hope.

The business in Ngomano is owned entirely by the crafters of Kiondos of Hope. Tembo Trading Education Project purchases directly from Kiondos of Hope, as well as the other women throughout Kenya.

The baskets are made from sisal and yarn. One basket will take between one to four weeks, depending on the skill of the weaver, the size of the bag, and the intricacy of the design.

Each kiondo is a unique and individual piece of cultural art and represents the artist.

Purchase a kiondo and support Kiondos of Hope at Jesus Economy or you can contact us directly!

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