Mayiant Live Positive




This organization was started by Anne Nasieku. Her program is called Mayiant Live Positive Family Program.  Mayiant is a Maasai name meaning blessings. Anne is Maasai. She lives 25 km from the city of Nairobi.


Anne has worked with children as a volunteer in the slums at Ngong for more than five years providing psychological support to the children and their parents. She realized that most of the children were involved in child labor where they would collect tins and sell them to raise money for food. Anne found that most of the children were not going to school because the majority of the parents could not afford school fees of 1,500 Kenyan shillings to pay for their nursery school children.  In Kenya primary education is “free” but nursery school is not free. Anne therefore decided to do early childhood education so that she could help them have a bright future by making nursery school affordable and available in the slums of Ngong.

Most of the parents in the slums are HIV positive and weak hence cannot perform heavy duties.  Anne believed she had a solution to assist with this problem. She decided to teach them how to make bead art because she is talented in making them and it is a light duty for most of them who are weak and feeble.

Bead work is a great benefit to these ladies because is enables them to sell products they make. This enables parents to raise ksh 1,500 each month for their children to get good and quality education. The school fees money is used to pay the teachers, pay the school rent and also the children will be able to get at least two meals in a day for just ksh 1,500 per month.

Anne believes this dream can be achieved if she can get people like Tembo Trading Education Project and all of you to support them by purchasing the art crafts from their organization.


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