The Story of Tembo Trading

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Beneath the Baobab Tree:  Where Poverty Dies and Hope Begins written by Kris Coffin Stevenson was the Gold Medal winner of the Illumination Book Awards contest in the missions category. Medals were awarded in 16 different categories. Of the 50 winning books, 45 of them came from 24 different U.S. States; two are from Canada and three from Australia.

This book tells the story of co-founders Debra Akre and Jeana King’s journeys to educate and transform the lives of Kenyan children. Their story is one of triumphs and struggles against all odds including navigating the nonprofit world. You will be inspired by how Debra and Jeana without a large organization backing them where able to achieve amazing results in 5 ½ short years.

Purchase Beneath the Baobab Tree: Where Poverty Dies and Hope Begins at Village Books in Fairhaven (online at, or at the Cordata Community Food Co-op in Bellingham. You can also purchase it directly from Tembo Trading Education Project by contacting us at or by calling 360-319-5891.


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