Products/Economic Development

Our products can be purchased at, Community Food Co-op at Cordata in Bellingham, Wa or by contacting us directly at or 360-319-5891.

Our transformational model addresses the needs of the whole community so children can attend  school with full support. While Tembo Trading Education Project supports education in Kenya, we’re also helping local businesses form and develop.

Together, education and economic development will allow a community to develop and sustain itself, without Western aid.

Plus, parents who have an income can provide their children with daily nutritious food, medical care, proper clothing, and a safe home environment. It’s what Kenyans long for. But more importantly, it’s what most parents long for. Happy, healthy children who will grow up to be productive citizens — it’s a universal hope.

Discover two Kenyan businesses assisted by Tembo Trading Education Project ::


Peter Maina’s Cards   |   Kiondos of Hope


You can purchase Peter’s cards or a kiondo at Jesus’ Economy.