Education Projects


In  conjunction with a member of parliament Tembo Trading is currently designing a model primary school after the secondary school started in Ngomano. The success of this pilot project garnered the attention of the Ministry of Education and government officials. Our goal is to show the Akre-King Transformational Model can be used and effective at any level of education.  The sooner students are introduced to this model the greater impact it will have on their educational outcome.

IMG_0823Pilot Project – Started a secondary school in a rural, impoverished area of southeastern Kenya in 2005. In August of 2010, the school campus was on its way to becoming self-sustaining. The campus consists of 25 acres with 23 buildings; greenhouse and drip irrigation; crops; fishponds; and economic development (Kiondos of Hope, leather business) for families. The school was number one in the district in its first year sitting national exams. While the national dropout rate is 50%, our dropout rate was 2.3%. The national dropout rate due to pregnancy is 50%; ours was 0.5%. Upon completion of the school campus we chose to leave the school, as originally planned, to the board of directors and the village. Armed with the knowledge we gained from our experiences in Ngomano we moved on to continuing the process of spreading the Akre-King Transformational Model © to other areas of Kenya.

Nursery and Primary Schools, Ngomano, Kenya


We have agreements with the parent committee for Ngomano ECD/Nursery and Primary Schools. Our goal is to bring the King-Akre Transformational Model © to these schools. This will allow the students to perform at an even higher level when entering secondary school. Ultimately, children will experience our model of teaching from nursery through graduation.

In the fall of 2012, we completed a remodel of the nursery school. We provide scholarships ($75 for one student for one year) for nursery school students since parents often can’t pay school fee.

Kanjira Early Childhood Development (Nursery School) and Primary School. 

IMG_1024As of October 2012 an agreement was signed for TTEP to take over the administrative and teaching responsibilities of these two schools in Kendu Bay. Teacher training in the Akre-King Transformational Model has started. Results have already been seen by the overall KCPE score improving and the overall teaching methodology of the teachers improved to reflect their training in the Akre-King Transformational Model. The total student population is over 400.