How Local Enthusiasm and Determination is Changing the Lives of Kenyan Students

PUBLISHED in “The Northern Light”

by Pat Grubb

April 29, 2010


When Jeana King told her friend Debra Akre about a possible job for her, little did she know that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single sentence, to paraphrase Lao-tzu. Nor did she know that she would also end up on the journey.

A sponsor of a Kenyan child for many years, King had read in a newsletter produced by the child aid organization that it was looking for a person with a Ph.D. who could volunteer seven months of their life to open up a college of business administration.

“When I read that,” she said, “I thought Debra was the perfect person for the job.” Her friend Debra didn’t agree, not at first. But after thinking it over, she decided to apply and four days later learned she would be flying to Nakuru in the central Rift Valley.

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