ARES Education Solutions is the result of two organizations and their absolute commitment to improving the education and lives of children in Kenya.  Afretech, a Canadian non-profit, and Tembo Trading Education Project, a US non-profit, have a combined total of over 35 years dedicated to work in Kenya. Both organizations have been on the ground focusing on solutions that are sustainable and have transformative implications.

ARES is an educational tool providing an extensive digital library. For schools that do not have libraries, labs, textbooks and at times the Kenyan syllabus this provides information that enables students to perform better on their national exams and compete with schools in more urban areas.

The ARES server is a small boxed server and battery that was built to function in the dusty, extreme heat in rural Kenya.  It is wi-fi capable without it being on the internet where students have access to information parents and teachers do not want them to have.  This system contains educational material called RACHEL from World Possible. RACHEL includes programs like Wikipedia, Khan Academy, great works of literature, textbooks, etc.  The ARES system  also includes STEM videos developed by teachers in the Seattle area specifically for Kenya as well as the Kenyan syllabus for Primary and Secondary schools and much more.

The ARES server will be assembled in Kenya.  The goal of ARES Education Solutions is to create jobs and opportunity in Kenya. Manufacturing started in January at KCA University.

Tembo Trading Education Project Contacts:

Debra Akre at 360-303-2259, debra OR Jeana King at 360-319-5891,

In Kenya Contact:

Benson Mutua at 254-722-538-223,

Honorable James Rege, a member of the Kenyan Parliament, visited the team in Bellingham, Washington to learn more about ARES and to discuss providing this system to more schools throughout Kenya.  Working with the Kenyan government is essential for this project to be sustainable.

Initially the ARES project was implemented by Tembo Trading at Kanjira Primary School and Ogenya Girls School near Lake Victoria.  Afretech also implemented ARES in the Nanyuki area at Sweet Water Secondary School, Thome Boys School and Ndana Secondary School.  The ARES units are now working in additional locations throughout Kenya. The system has provided much needed access to educational information. It is working!

Below are links to an interview with KING 5 News in Seattle as well as The Northern Lights newspaper in Blaine, WA.