Our Team

Debra Akre, MBA, PhD / Co-Founder & CEO

Over the past 40 years Debra has worked in a variety of industries and has owned her own retail businesses and manufacturing business.  She holds an MBA in Asia Pacific Management and a Doctorate in Organizational Behavior and Management Psychology.  Her experience includes international and domestic business development, human resources, and education.  Currently, she separates her time between the US and Africa. She also does consulting in the area of staff development and international business development.

Jeana King / Co-Founder & COO

Over the past 30 years Jeana has worked in a variety of industries throughout the US. She has worked for private and public businesses. Her experience in human resources includes a union facility, a progressive start-up aerospace company, an engineering consulting firm and corporate training and consulting.  Currently, she divides her time between the US and Africa.   Jeana’s passion for children in need has drawn her to collect and deliver medical supplies to Vietnam and her current project in Kenya.

Lorraine Homem, MBchB, MD / Project Director, Kenya

Volunteering with Debra and Jeana’s projects since 2004, Lorraine is now responsible for the overall health and welfare of students in Kenya. Her primary goal is to provide health care and education for the communities where Tembo Trading’s schools are located.

Lorraine was born, raised, and educated in Kenya. Later, she came to United States for her first bachelor degree. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and chemistry minor, and was a research fellow in the Natural Science department of Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. She also holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB chB) degree.

Lorraine previously worked in the largest hospital south of the Sahara, Kenyatta National Hospital, dealing with tropical disease and poverty related illnesses. She currently resides in Kenya and practices medicine at Aga Kahn Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

Marta Kazymyra, MD/Medical Director, US

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Marta spent most of her formative years in Saskatchewan. After two years of undergraduate studies at the University of Regina, she was accepted to a five-year medical school program at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and completed her medial training program in 1977. Marta spent the following year completing a surgical internship in Flint, Michigan. She ultimately chose to enter family medicine.

Following her internship, Marta returned to Canada. She worked in the ER, followed by a two-year position in northern British Columbia.

Today, Marta and her husband practice family medicine in a small clinic in the United States. They have enjoyed small town practice in Blaine, Washington, for over 32 years. Marta and her husband have raised two sons and have been involved in several community activities over the years.

Jenae Williams / Volunteer, Seattle

Jenae began working with Debra and Jeana at their Bellingham office in September 2013, meeting with the cofounders for mentorship and jumpstarting the nonprofit’s social media accounts. With a curiosity in sustainability and a degree in English, Jenae continues to support Tembo Trading’s work through writing, proofreading and website maintenance from Seattle, where she currently resides.