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Tembo Trading Education Project provides an education of excellence to the children of Kenya.


Education a country out of poverty.

Tembo Trading Education Project (TTEP) was created to provide excellence in education for financially impoverished children in Kenya. Our success, as a cross-cultural organization, is based on trust. Trust developed, over the past eleven years, through hands-on work with the local community and always respecting the local culture.

Excellence in education happens by:

  • involving the community;
  • involving the parents or guardians;
  • addressing the poverty of the area;
  • attention to medical needs;
  • implementation of The Akre King Transformation Model© teacher training program.

First listen, look, learn and then act with culturally adapted solutions for sustainable transformation.

Excellence in education leads to financial independence.


Transformation of the educational system in Kenya thereby assisting the country reach their Vision 2030 goals. By accomplishing the objectives outlined in Vision 2030 Kenya will not only have independence but will truly be independent.


Poverty strips human beings of their dignity plunging them into a life of dependence on others to meet their needs. To restore human dignity people must believe they have worth. We partner with communities to start the reconstruction process in their schools.


  1. Teacher Training – Building self-worth; character development; critical and creative thinking processes.
  2. Economic Development – Work with community developing ways to increase capital using local resources and skills.
  3. Medical Care
  4. Adult Education


1. National testing results for the secondary school we developed using The Akre King Transformation Model©:

2009 – Number one in the district (first time to sit for national exams.)

2010 – Number one in the district.

2011 – Number one in the district.

2012 – Number one in the district.

2013 – Number one in the district.

2014 – Number one in the district

2. After two training sessions with the instructors at Kanjira Primary school the schools tests number one in the district. Prior to training they were last place of 20+ schools.

3. No new cases of HIV/Aids in ten years within our student demographic.

4. Legislation in Kenyan Parliament revising the Basic Education Act of 2012.

5. Introduction of revolutionary remote access computer technology (ARES.) System introduced to Honorable James Rege (member of Kenyan Parliament.)

6. Launching new computer technology with the assistance of President Kenyatta.

But it goes beyond classrooms. In our Akre-King Transformation Model ©, we focus on the well-being of the entire child — not just his or her intellect.

That’s why it’s important that we also partner with the community in which our schools are located. We support a community’s sustenance and infrastructure needs, as well as its economic development, ensuring that the community can continue independently, long after we’re gone. Through the support of a strong community and their own strong family, young students are more likely (and able) to reach their potential, then turn around to give back.

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