ARES (African Ruggedized Education System) Working in Kenya


Tembo Trading Education Project, Afretech (a Canadian non profit) and Engineer Mark Knittel of Bellingham have been working on a small, low cost server containing educational material for rural impoverished schools in Kenya. This “classroom in a box” has wifi capability and includes a digital library called RACHEL.  In its Phase 2 the team has upgraded the server and is working to include the Kenyan syllabus along with STEM videos from Mary Margaret Welch that have been specifically developed for the Kenyan curriculum. Most rural schools do not have functioning science labs so these videos will be invaluable.

Honorable James Rege, a member of the Kenyan Parliament, was recently in Bellingham to learn more about ARES and to discuss providing this system to more schools throughout Kenya.  Working with the Kenyan government is essential for this project to be sustainable.

Currently the ARES project has been implemented by Tembo Trading at Kanjira Primary School near Lake Victoria.  Afretech has also implemented ARES in the Nanyuki area at Sweet Water Secondary School.  At both locations the system has provided much needed access to educational information. It is working!

Below are links to an interview with KING 5 News in Seattle as well as The Northern Lights newspaper in Blaine, WA.