Transformative Training Implemented in Kenya

DSCN5609With over 12 years of experience working on the ground with Kenyans and in the educational arena and over 55 trips to Kenya, Debra and Jeana have acquired the knowledge to implement the Akre-King Transformational Model. This model focuses on the development of each student with an emphasis on creative and critical thinking.  Their program is currently being implemented at a number of schools throughout Kenya including both primary and secondary schools.  The impact is test scores rising and students learning to think critically and creatively!

Part of this training now includes the ARES system which is a collaboration with Afretech Aid Society in Canada. This product provides much needed learning materials and information to schools that do not have books, libraries or the internet.  Both the ARES-LS and ARES-CS models will dramatically change the opportunities for students in schools that just don’t have the necessary materials to learn and succeed! You can learn more about these products on the ARES page on this website.

Education has always been the goal of Tembo Trading Education Project.  We firmly believe it is the way out of poverty! The right kind of education opens the door to opportunity, hope and confidence in ones ability to succeed.

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